Primary Air , Secondary Air and Tertiary Air Application in Cement Rotary Kiln

Primary Air: It’s the blower air directly into kiln system from the air, to bring the coal powder into kiln.
Secondary air : It’s the air from the grate cooler directly into the kiln , the air flow direction is from cement kiln head to cement kiln tail.
Tertiary Air: it’s the air from grate cooler to decomposing furnace through the tertiary pipes.

There are two kinds of coal usage in the Kiln system : one is used in kiln head, i.e. the coal powder sprayed into kiln head by the coal spraying pipe under the primary air function. The other is used in kiln tail, i.e. the coal powder into decomposing furnace.( some design is that the coal powder into the preheater, which is not common now). And of course , coal powder for the kiln head and kiln tail are same , which is produced by the same coal grinding mill machine.

Primary air blows the coal powder into kiln system, and disperse the coal powder to make sure the sufficient burning.
Secondary air blows the hot air which is used to cool the clinker into kiln system , to help the combustion of the coal powder , which is energy saving.
Tertiary air blows the hot air from which is used to cool the clinker into kiln system, to decomposing furnace to preheat the clinker, which is also energy saving.
Both Secondary air and Tertiary air are combustion supporting, and Secondary air is kiln inside combustion supporting, Tertiary air is decomposing furnace combustion supporting.
The primary air blows air into kiln by the burners, which is mainly to spray the coal powder, also has the combustion supporting function.
Secondary air blows into kiln .It is the hot air which is used to cool down the clinker ,and its temperature is very high.
Tertiary air is also the hot air which is used to cool down the clinker, but its temperature is a little bit lower. Tertiary air blows into preheater to decompose the carbonates.

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