• Palm Kernel Shell Carbonization Machine

Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal Machines

  • Processed Materials:coconut shell, sewage sludge, sawdust, rice husk, palm kernel shell (PKS), olive shell, straw, bamboo, wood, agricultural waste, green waste, peanut shell, municipal solid waste (MSW), etc. 
  • Capacity:300-3000kg per hour

Quantities can be customized


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 As a kind of biomass materials, palm kernel shell (PKS) has high fuel value, which can be carbonized into useful charcoal, to be widely applied into many areas. YUHONG continuous palm kernel shell charcoal machine adopts the advanced carbonization technology and carbonizes palm kernel shell into charcoal, wood tar and vinegar, combustible gas. The palm shell carbonization machine has become more and more popular and has been exported to many countries.
Main Parts of YUHONG Palm Kernel Shell Carbonization Machine:
Belt conveyer;
Return type drying machine;
Spiral conveyer;
Carbonization furnace;
Water-cooling discharging machine;
Cyclone dust collector;
Flue gas cooling machine.
Quick carbonization speed;
Low investment cost;
Large output;
No pollution;
Simple operation;
Convenient maintenance;
Energy saving;
Advanced carbonization process;
High-quality charcoal.
Model YH-03 YH-05 YH-12 YH-20 YH-30
Raw material Various biomasses include organics, rice husk, tree leaves, crop straw, hay, tree barks, shells etc.
style Horizontal, rotatable
Dimension (W*H*L) 1.0*1.7*8.0m³ 1.3*1.9*8.5 m³ 1.6*2.2*8.5 m³ 2.2*2.8*8.5 m³ 3.0*3.3*8.5 m³
Capacity /h 300KG 500KG 1200KG 2000KG 3000KG
Cooling method Water cooling
Main power 11kw 15kw 18.5kw 30kw 55kw
Service life 3-5years
Floor space 100㎡ 130㎡ 180㎡ 240㎡ 400㎡

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