• single stage coal gasifier
  • single stage coal gasifier
  • single stage coal gasifier
  • single stage coal gasifier
  • single stage coal gasifier

Single Stage Coal GasifierS

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The Coal Gasifier is also called coal gas generator. It is manufactured by adopting the long points of various similar enterprises and is consequently advanced in design and reasonable in construction. Two kind of slag/ash discharging methods are adopted. For instance,discharging slag with wet ash pan driven by worm and worm gearor removing ash with watersealed jacket equipped with screws driven by conical gear, both of these two methods are stable and reliable in operation. The furnace body adopts the complete water jacket structure. The self-produced steam can satisfy the requirement of both coal gasification and steam sealing for poking hole. Coal feeding adopts manual or electrical drum-type double bell jars.It is suitable for gasifying coking coal, hard coke, etc. and is widely used in machinery, metallurgy, chemistry, glass,building materials, food, textile and light industries.

Application of Coal Gasifier :
Machinery Industry:high manganese steel quenching furnace,annealing furnace,forging furnace,tempering furnace,etc.
Non-ferrous metal industry:copper melting furnace,aluminum melting furnace,etc.
Building materials industry:building ceramics,sanitary ceramics,etc.
Silicate industry:glass,grinding wheel,refractory materials,etc.
Boiler:all kinds of boilers using producer gas as the fuel.
Chemical industry:drying and calcination in chemical products.
Nonmetal industry:mine materials drying and calcination.
Planting industry:vegetable and flower greenhouses warming.
Food industry:food dehydration and drying.


Solid coal can be gasified into inflammable gases through vapor media. This coal gas is then roughly de-dusted and conveyed through a conveying pipe to burn at a nozzle. The heat produced is used to heat the thermal furnace. With the gas as the burning material, the temperature is even on the furnace. Our single stage coal gasifier is widely used as steel rolling furnace, annealing furnace, forging furnace, steel pipe furnace, glass furnace, aluminum furnace, melting furnace, cooper furnace, pottery furnace, etc.

flow chart of single stage coal gasifier 

The coal gasifier has features of low investment, good applicability, convenient use, easy operation, etc. Compared with direct coal burning, coal gasifier can save 20% of the fuel. Compared with oil furnace, coal gasifier can save more than 60% of the energy. Our coal gasifier is environment-friendly with its heat efficiency and good dust and smoke removal effect.
Advantage of Coal Gasifier:
1.5Kg standard coal in it=1.1Kg diesel=12KWh.
cost 70% lower than electric furnace,60% lower than oil furnace,30% lower than coal furnace.

Model (mm) QM0.8 QM1.0 QM1.2 QM1.5 QM1.6 QM1.8 QM2.0 QM2.4 QM2.6 QM3.0 QM3.2
Chamber diameter(m) 800 1000 1200 1500 1600 1800 2000 2400 2600 3000 3200
Hearth active surface 0.5 0.785 1.13 1.77 2.01 2.54 3.14 4.52 5.31 7.07 8.03
Suitable coal series Weak coherent gas carbon, anotherracite,burnt carbon
Fuel granularity(mm) 25-80
Fuel consumption quantity (kg/h) 40-100 70-140 120-190 160-350 350-460 500-600 500-720 700-1040 850-1200 1700-2000 1800-2200
Gasifying agent Air, steam Coal gasification is the process of producing coal gas, a type of syngas–a mixture
of carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen (H2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapour (H2O)–from
coal and water. Coal gas, which is a combustible gas, was traditionally used as a source of
energy for municipal lighting and heat before the advent of industrial-scale production of natural
gas, while the hydrogen obtained from gasification can be used for various purposes such as
making ammonia, powering a hydrogen economy, or upgrading fossil fuels.
Gas yield (Nm³/h) 140-350 245-490 420-670 560-1200 1200-1600 1500-2100 1750-2500 2500-3600 3000-4300 6000-7000 6500-7500
Gas calorific value (Kj/Nm³) 5020-5670 5020-6000
Water jacket heating area(m2) 4.02 5.02 6.78 10.37 11.06 12.44 17.58 21.87 23.69 30.16 38.4
Steam output (kg/h) 60 80 130 200 220 260 350 420 600 840 880
Gas outlet temperatur (°C) (400-500)Plants related with the coal (400-500)Plants related with the coal
Gas outlet pressure (Pa) 1000 980-1470 1470-1960
Gas exportation diameter (mm) 219 325 325 426 426 529 630 720 820 1020 1050
Air pressure(Pa) 3000 4000 4000
Saturated air temperature(°C) 50-60 50-65
Ash pan rotational speed (r/h) 0.177-1.77      
Equipment gross weight (t) 3.5 4.5 5 7.5 10 20 23.4 29.8 32 37.6 43.6
Motor power (kw) 6 6 6 7 8 10 14 20 20 27 32

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