• Brewers Grain Dryer
  • Brewers Grain Dryer
  • Brewers Grain Dryer
  • Brewers Grain Dryer
  • Brewers Grain Dryer

Brewers Grain Dryer

  • Processed Materials:distiller's grains, brewer's spent grains, pomace, etc
  • Application:beer enterprise, feed processing industry, etc
  • Capacity:1-50tones per hour
  • Heating Fuel:Steam, Biomass fuels,etc

Quantities can be customized

  • Introduction
  • Working Principle
  • Features
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Beer lees is the main raw material of the beer plant.
The remaining solid matter of malt,rice and hops through saccharification, gelatinization technology to filter or filter press.Its main component is wheat shell, wheat germ, rice germ and endosperm, which contains a large number of undecomposed and recalcitrant substance polymer nutrients such as crude protein, crude fiber and crude fat nutrients.
Most by-product of beer plant is wet beer less. But it is easily to go to bad, so it tend to pollute the environment when it is transported and stored. In recent years, many breweries began to deep-processing the by-products of beer, so it not only can reduce environmental pollution, but also can increase economic efficiency.
Henan Yuhong developed brewer's grain dryer can make the moisture content 85% to 10% through dehydration, drying. At present, this sets of equipment has been used in many domestic beer companies ,feed processing enterprises. At present the several sets of equipment has been in the domestic beer business, feed processing enterprises and create considerable economic benefits.
1. This dryer has a high degree of mechanization, large production capacity and continuous operation.
2. Structure was simple and excellent.
3. Materials running smoothly through the cylinder's resistance.
4. Convenient to operate.
5. Low malfunction, low maintenance cost, and low power consumption.
6. Good uniformity of drying products.
7. No smell after drying.
Model Capacity Evaporative water Input moisture Output moisture Drying temperature Total power Total area
(t/d) (t/h) (%) (%) (℃) (kw) (m2)
YHSG1409 7.6 0.396 ≤83% ≤10% 270±30℃ 30.7 5m*15m
YHSG1415 12.7 0.66 ≤83% ≤10% 270±30℃ 32.7 5m×18m
YHSG1615 14.4 0.75 ≤83% ≤10% 270±30℃ 40.2 6m×18m
YHSG2209/3 22 1.147 ≤83% ≤10% 270±30℃ 78 8m×18m
YHSG2212/3 29.8 1.554 ≤83% ≤10% 270±30℃ 90 8m×20m
YHSG2512/3 35 1.84 ≤83% ≤10% 270±30℃ 125 10m×20m
YHSG2912/3 42.6 2.218 ≤83% ≤10% 270±30℃ 135 12m×20m

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