• dry mortar dryer
  • dry mortar dryer
  • dry mortar dryer
  • dry mortar dryer
  • dry mortar dryer

Dry Mortar Dryer

  • Processed Materials:River sand, artificial sand, silica sand, yellow sand, mineral sand, etc.
  • Applications:Dry-mixed mortar industry, cement, building materials, glass, foundry industry, chemical industry, etc
  • Capacity:1-50tones per hour
  • Heating Fuel:Coal, Gas, Oil, Biomass fuels, Wood,etc

Quantities can be customized

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The machine can be applied in drying of raw materials such as yellow sand, slag, clay, quartz sand etc..It's widely used in industries such as dry mortar, cement, building materials, glass, chemicals, and casting etc. The dryer is assembled by three concentric-cylinders which halved together with different diameters. Computer optimized stock guide and lifting blade with different angles and spacing are installed inside the cylinder, the structure can ensure that the material being dried runs along the direction of screw under the impact of gravitation, stay sufficient time and good dispersion in the cylinder to let the material exchange with the heat airflow from air heating furnace inside of the cylinder. The special three-cylinder structure makes the inner ylinder and middle cylinder being surrounded by the outer cylinder to form a self-contained thermal insulation system, the radiated heat from surface of inner and middle cylinder assist.
Heat the material in the outer cylinder, but the outer cylinder is at the low temperature end, so the heat dissipation area and heat losses are reduced significantly.
Conveyed by belt conveyor or bucket elevator to the hopper, the sand comes into the feeding end of the dryer by a feeding device through a feeding pipe; the obliquity of the feeding pipe should be greater than that of the sand, so the sand can slip into the dryer easily; the wet sand and hot air can enter into the dryer from the same feeding end of the dryer, which is called co-current air flow drying process; or they can be fed into the dryer from different ends of the dryer, which is called count-current air flow drying process; as the dryer rotates, the sand inside moves forward from the feeding end (higher end) to the discharging end (lower end) of the dryer, and during this time, wet sand is being dried by the hot air; then dried materials are discharged and conveyed away by belt conveyor or screw conveyor. 
1. Three-cylinder dryer can take full advantage of excess heat, reduce heat loss and increase the heat exchange area, making the unit evaporation intensity of the dryer greatly improved, thereby effectively improving the heat energy utilization rate, reducing the energy consumption and making the heat efficiency of three-cylinder dryer improved in a wider range. Compared with singlecylinder dryer with the same efficiency, its heat efficiency is improved about 50% and energy consumption saving doubles.
2. Because the cylinder length of the three-cylinder dryer is one third of single-cylinder dryer and the base area saves about 60% than the single-cylinder dryer, the base investment is reduced correspondingly.
3. The dryer drives by adopting the friction between supporting roller and belting leather, and the transmission power is low, thereby reducing the noises when the equipment working.
4. The cylinder sealing system of the dryer adopts micro-contact technology, with better sealing effect and reducing the dust pollution.
5. The cylinder and raising material board of the dryer both adopt alloy steel plates, and double the service life than common steel plates.
6. Three-cylinder dryer can use coal, oil, gas as fuel,can dry different shapes of material, such as lump, granular, powder and various materials.
Model Output capacity(t/h) Outout moisture
Main power
Yellow sand River sand Water granulated slag Flyash Clay (%) (kg/t.sand) (kw)
YHS623 5-6 3-5 2-3 2-3 3-4 <0.5% 5-7 3
YHS625 6-10 4-6 3-4 3-4 5-6 <0.5% 5-7 3×2
YHS6210 12-18 10-12 8-12 8-10 10-12 <0.5% 8-10 4×2
YHS6225 28-35 23-25 22-25 20-23 20-25 <0.5% 10-12 5.5×4
YHS6235 45-55 40-45 38-40 35-40 40-45 <0.5% 15-18 7.5×4

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