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  • Sludge Dryer
  • Sludge Dryer

Sludge Dryer

  • Processed Materials:coal slime, lignite, flotation tailings , blended coal, fine cleaned coal, middle coal etc
  • Application:Activated sludge, petrochemical sludge, paper sludge, electroplating sludge, sewage sludge and other sludge and various fermented grains, slag and other high humidity materials.
  • Capacity:1-10tones per hour
  • Heating Fuel:Coal, Gas, Oil, Biomass fuels, Wood,etc

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Sludge dryer is specially designed for materials with high moisture content, high viscosity, high water conservation and low heat value like sludge. It makes innovation in its inner structure, which could not only improve the thermal efficiency, but also effectively avoid the phenomenon like adhesion and over drying of sludge.

Sludge dryer can be widely applied in drying all kinds of slurry and slag with high moisture content like activated sludge drying, sewage sludge drying, petrochemical sludge drying, papermaking sludge drying, printing and dyeing sludge drying, tanning sludge drying, electroplating sludge drying, municipal sewage sludge drying, biological fermentation bacteria slag drying, etc. 
Besides, Sludge drying machine is also suitable for drying urban sludge. The sludge after drying can be used in agriculture or as fuel, which is beneficial for environment.
The slime has viscosity. There are several working areas after the wet slurry entering into the dryer.
1. Material feeding zone.The wet slime is heated by high-temperature hot air in this area with moisture being rapidly evaporated,and the slime is taken up many times by big lead angle plate, thus there is no hardening happens to the slime.
2. Cleanup area, the wet slime will bond the inner wall easily during being taken up,so the sweeping device will clean up the inner wall timely. At same time, the sweeping device will also crush the hardening material to enlarge the heat exchange area of the slime, improving drying efficiency.
3. Inclined lifting plate, wet slurry material in this area shows a low moisture loose state, no sticking happening, materials after heat exchange enters discharge zone.
4. Discharge zone, there is no stirring board in this area, and materials scroll through this area to the discharge port.
1. The reasonable partition improves the effect of material scattering and lifting.
2. The adoption of downstream drying process between materials and hot air expands its application range and keeps the original activity of materials very well.
3. The optimized structure prolongs its service life.
4. It is highly efficient and energy-saving. Sludge drying machine adopts a new type transmission device which can save coal by about 20%, compared with the average sludge dryers.
5. It is green and environmentally friendly. Rotary sludge dryer adopts multi-stage purifying and dust removal device which reaches or exceeds the national environmental protection standard. Thus it can reduce environmental pollution.
Spec Capacity
(t/d) (t/h) (%) (%) (℃) (kw) (kg)
YHJG1208 43.7 0.75 65±5 30 350-450 32 15000 5*14
YHJG1408 52.5 0.90 65±5 30 350-450 40 15000 5*14
YHJG1610 75.8 1.30 65±5 30 350-450 55 17000 6*16
YHJG2010/3 269.0 2.90 65±5 30 350-450 65 21500 8*16
YHJG2210/3 186.5 3.20 65±5 30 350-450 100 26500 8*16
YHJG2510/3 215.5 3.70 65±5 30 350-450 125 28500 10*16
YHJG2512/3 262.2 4.50 65±5 30 350-450 145 37000 10*18
YHJG2912/3 317.6 5.45 65±5 30 350-450 165 41000 8*18

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