• HGM grinding mill
  • HGM grinding mill
  • HGM grinding mill
  • HGM grinding mill

HGM Grinding Mill

  • Type:Mineral Ore Powder Making
  • Input size:less than 10mm
  • Processed Materials:Kaolin, limestone, calcite, talcum, barite, pottery clay, dolomite, bentonite, mica, illite, pyeophyllite, vermiculite,sepiolite,attapulgite, rectorite,diatomite, graphite, alunite, floatstone,etc
  • Applications:Chemical Industry, paint, cosmetics, medicine, food additive,etc.

Quantities can be customized

  • Introduction
  • Working Principle
  • Features
  • Parameter
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Nowadays, HGM micro-powder mill is widely used in many industries, like soda, toothpaste, cosmetics, rubber, paint, paper, PVC, glass, etc. HGM Micro-Powder Mill is specially designed for micro-powder making. It can be used for non-metallic ores like limestone, calcite, kaolin, talc, illite, etc.
The motor drives the main shaft and every turnplate through the reducer. The reducer drives dozens of rollers to rotate against race way of ring through pin. Small material crushed by hammer crusher is transported into hopper by elevator and then vibrating feeder shall feed material to the central part of upper turnplate evenly. The material falls to circle under the centrifugal force and comes down to raceway of ring to be crushed into powder. After grinded in the first race way, the material goes to the second and third turnplate. The blower inhales the external air into the mill and carries the powder after third turnplate into powder-separator. Turbine in the separator makes the coarse powder drop down and regrinded, and the fine powder shall go into cyclone powder collector together with air current and go down through discharge valve as final product; at the same time air current with a little dust goes out through blower and muffler after purified by filter.
1. Efficient
Compared with jet mill, mixing grinder and ball mill of same finished product size and motor power, HGM Micro-Powder Mill has double capacity and saves 30% energy.
2. Long Life of Spare Parts
Forged by special material, the ring and roller can be used for about one year while grinding calcium carbonate.
3. High fineness and flexible adjustment
The product size can be adjusted between 325 mesh to 2500 mesh (47-5micron).
4. Environmentally friendly
The application of pulse dust collector and muffler greatly reduce dust pollution and noise.

Model Average
No. of
No. of
Speed of
main shaft
feeding size
Size of
finished products

Capacity Dimensions Whole
machine power
(mm) (r/min) (mm) (um) (mesh) (t/h)
HGM80 800 3 21 230-240 10 5-47 325-2500 0.5-4.5 13.9×4×6.2 145-165
HGM90 930 3-4 24-32 200-220 10 5-47 325-2500 0.6-6.5 14.7×4.8×7.2 185-204
HGM100 1035 3 27 180-200 10 5-47 325-2500 0.7-7 18×4.6×8.6 263-290
HGM100A 1035 4 34-36 180-200 10 5-47 325-2500 1-8.5 18×4.6×8.6 263-290
HGM125 1300 4 40-44 135-155 10 5-47 325-2500 1.5-12 14×9×10.25 380-430


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