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Grate Cooler

  • Processing Material:Cement clinker; organic fertilizer, fertilizer, etc.
  • Application:building materials industry, cement industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, etc.

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Horizontal grate cooler is an important host device of clinker burning system in cement plant. its main function is to cool and convey the clinker; meanwhile providing hot air for the kiln and precalciner, is the main equipment of heat recovery in firing system.
The traditional grate cooler includes three kind coolers of rotary type, vibrating type and push-type, because the first two type have been eliminated, pushing grate cooler has become the main cement clinker cooler cooling type used in cement kiln which is with precalcining. Our HCFC horizontal grate cooler is a kind of new energy-saving machinery for clinker, and the internationally advanced flow control technology has been employed in this machine. Based on the advanced thermal process, it has been improved greatly, and when compared with other grate coolers, its productivity is 20% higher and its heat consumption more than 10% lower. 
Grate cooler is a quench cooler. After the clinker goes into the cooler from the kiln, paving the material layer with certain thickness in the grate plate, the cold air, which is blowered, is in mutually perpendicular directions across the material layer moving grate bed to shock chilling clinker, making the clinker is changed from1300-1400 ℃ to less than 100 ℃ within a few minutes.
1. Its productivity ranges from 600 to 10000t/d.
2. Its heat efficiency is more than 72%.
3. Feeding material temperature is about 1370℃.
4. Discharging material temperature is 65℃ plus the ambient temperature.
5. Discharging clinker size is less than 25mm.
6. Equipment operation rate is more than 98%.
7. Unique KIDS system and pulsation air supply system have been designed for the feeding end.
8. Optimized grate bed is used to provide air and it can accurately control the air consumption in each cooling part so that high-efficiency cooling effects can be achieved. In this way, high heat recovery efficiency can be obtained.
9. Its new high-efficiency grate plate structure has employed alloy cast steel that is high strength, heat resistance, oxidation resisting and antiwear, and it has undertaken special treatment. As a result of that, this plate has good resistance and high airflow penetrability. Different parts have employed different types of grate plates.
10. The swing compensator of this horizontal grate cooler has used special hi-tech coating technology to prolong its work life, and the air beam is connected to the air tube through the swing compensator, which is quite helpful to movement of grate bed in the three-dimensional space.
11. Special external supporting roller and guiding device have been used, and rollers, which are able to support the grate bed, are also employed. These rollers have high surface hardness and good antiwear capability.
12. High-quality grate bars, used in the front discharge outlet, has special section form, good antiwear capacity, reliable performance, easy replacement and long service life, and these bars can be replaced individually.
13. The gear teeth of its clinker zipper machine, with special tooth shape and high quality materials, feature stable operation, less wear, long service life, and easy replacement. New chain link and materials have been used, and this link is of precision casting, high interchangeability, and stable and reliable operation.
14. The clinker crusher has employed a 360° rotary hammerhead, thus avoiding the conditions of kiln stop caused by the blocking of big materials.
15. New structural lining plate has been used to solve the abrasion problems due to long-term running.
16. The material sealing valve of this horizontal grate cooler has reliable and secure operation and long service life.
17. Its modular design can help to reduce installation costs as well as improve the installation speed. And with a compact structure, it occupies rather small space.
18. Perfect monitoring and regulation technology, like three-way control system and alarm systems of temperature, ensures this horizontal grate cooler high-efficiency, reliable performance and stable operation.
Type Output Effective area of grate bed Output per unit area Drive mode Segment
(t/d) (m2) (t/d)
HCFC-1000 1000~1100 27.7 39.7 Mechanical 2
HCFC-1200 1200~1300 30.5 42 6 Mechanical 2
HCFC-1500 1500~1600 36.1 44.3 Mechanical 2
HCFC-2000 2000-2100 46.6 45 Mechanical 2
HCFC-2500 2500-2600 64.8 40.1 Hydraulic & machanical 2
HCFC-3000 3000-3200 75.a 42.2 Hydraulic & mechanical 2
HCFC-3500 3500-3700 87.8 42.1 Hydraulic & mechanical 2
HCFC-4500 4000-4500 107 5 41 9 Hydraulic 2
HCFC-5500 5000-5500 131.8 41.7 Hydraulic 3
HCFC-6500 6000-6500 154.6 42 Hydraulic 3

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