• Rotary Drum Monocular Cooler
  • Rotary Drum Monocular Cooler
  • Rotary Drum Monocular Cooler

Rotary Drum Monocular Cooler

  • Processing Material:organic fertilizer, fertilizer, lime, other need to be cooled calcined minerals, etc.
  • Application:building materials industry, cement industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, etc.

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Rotary drum cooler, also named monocular cooler or single drum cooler. It is usually equipped together with rotary kiln and rotary dryer, wildly used in building material, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries.
Rotary cooler, is equipped with rotary dryer, working in fertilizer production, its main use to cool fertilizer grain of certain temperature, it can greatly improve the cooling speed, reduce labor intensity, increase production capacity, further remove portion water to reduce fertilizer grain temperature.   
This rotary drum monocular cooler is an important device in the rotary kiln system. Clinker, whose temperature is 1000 to 1200℃, driven by the rotating cylinder, can take full heat exchange with air so that their temperature can be cooled down to less than 200℃ and meantime, the quality and grind ability of the clinker are highly improved. After cooling the clinker, the air reenters into the rotary kiln to act as the secondary circulating air, thus improving the heat efficiency of the kiln.
Rotary Cooler can accelerate air flow, which is in the rotary cylindrical shell, by the attraction of induced draft fan (equipped with other equipment), and there are lifting plates mounted in the inner wall of cylindrical shell, the lifting plates' role is to lift the material up and spread the material down, so it can enlarge the contact surface between material and airflow then to improve the cooling rate and to promote the material forward.
Lifting plates lift and spread the material back and forth to achieve the purpose of cooling. Cooling carrier is generally the cold air. After the heating medium through the cooler, generally using cyclone dust collector to trap the material together with the gas.
1. Compact and rational structure;
2. High heat efficiency, high operation efficiency;
3. Low maintenance costs, low equipment investment.

Rotary Drum Monocular Cooler Structure

Rotary drum monocular cooler mainly is composed of shell portion, supporting device and transmission actuator.
1, rotary drum monocular cooler shell portion
shell portion is made from multi-segment high quality carbon steel plate which welded together, In the internal shell, expect both ends are about 1 meter length, is provided with staggered angle-lift type lifting plate, high-end has tail ring, which prevents the material back, and spiral blade.
2, rotary drum monocular cooler supporting device
Supporting device supports the full weight of the rotary shell and the material, and thereon keep the cooler rotary shell in safe and smooth operation. It mainly composed of riding wheel,catch wheel and pedestal, catch wheel is to control the axial shifting of the rotary shell.
3, Rotary drum monocular cooler transmission actuator
Cooler transmission speed ratio is relatively large, transmission torque is big so using electromagnetic adjustable-speed motor. Transmission actuator includes motor, reducer, gearwheel, pinion,etc.
Model and specification Capacity Cylinder speed Main Motor Deceleration maxhine
(t/h) (rpm) Model Power(kw)
1.2×10 3.0-5.0 4.0 Y132M-4 7.5 ZL40
1.4×12 4.0-6.0 3.3 Y160L-6 11.0 ZL60-40
1.5×14 5.0-10 3.3 Y180L-6 15.0 ZL70
1.6×16 5.5-11 3.5 Y300L-4 18.5 ZSY200-22.4
1.8×14 6.0-12 3.1 Y200L1-6 18.5 ZSY200-40
1.8×18 6.5-13 3.1 Y225M-6 22.0 ZL75-25-Ⅱ
2.0×16 7.0-14 3.16 Y255M-6 22.0 ZL85-25-Ⅱ
2.0×20 7.5-15 3.16 Y280S-6 30.0 ZL85-25-Ⅱ
2.2×18 7.5-15 3.0 Y280S-6 45.0 ZSY250-35.5
2.2×22 8.0-16 3.0 Y280S-6 45.0 ZSY250-35.5
2.4×18 9.0-18 4.9 Y225M-4 45.0 ZSY250-31.5
2.4×22 10-20 3.6 Y280M-6 55.0 ZSY315-31.5
2.4×26 11-22 3.6 Y315S-6 75.0 ZSY315-31.5
2.6×24 12-24 3.6 Y315S-6 75.0 ZSY315-31.5
2.6×26 14-28 3.1 Y315M-6 90.0 ZSY315-31.5
2.8×24 15-30 3.1 Y315S-6 75.0 ZSY315-31.5
2.8×28 16-32 3.1 Y315M-6 90.0 ZSY315-31.5
3.0×24 20-40 3.05 Y315M-6 90.0 ZSY315-31.5
3.0×28 22-45 5.9 Y315M-6 90.0 ZSY315-31.5
3.0×30 25-50 3.85 Y315S-4 110 ZSY355-35.5
3.2×26 25-50 3.85 Y315S-4 110 ZSY355-35.5
3.2×28 28-55 3.47 Y315L2-6 132 ZSY355-35.5
3.4×28 30-60 3.47 Y355M1-6 160 ZSY400-35.5
3.4×30 32-65 3.47 Y355M1-6 160 ZSY400-35.5
3.6×32 35-70 4.95 Y315M-4 185 ZSY500-35.5
3.6×36 38-75 4.95 Y355S2-4 200 ZSY500-35.5
3.8×30 40-80 3.18 Y355S2-4 200 ZSY500-35.5
4.0×32 45-90 3.18 Y355L-6 220 ZSY500-31.5
4.0×34 50-100 3.0 YJS355L-6 250 ZSY500-35.5

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