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Vertical lime cooler is one of the important lime calcining system equipment, the cooler's role is cooling the calcined material, which is out from the rotary kiln, down to below 200 ℃ by full heat exchange of the cooler barrel rotary moving with the air. Cooling air is preheated by high temperature materials, as the combustion air into the kiln, to calcine strongly and reduce energy consumption. According to the final materials are different, the vertical cooler is divided into lime cooler and other minerals cooling machines.

Vertical cooler is one of the three main equipment of quick lime production line equipment, the role of vertical cooler is used to cool the lime of high temperature 1100℃, which is out from rotary kiln , rapidly reduced to about 100℃ and discharged gradually. the cooling air has the heat exchange with the material to recovery heat which is from the high temperature lime, then support the rotary kiln to calcine.
Vertical cooler is one of the main equipment of active lime calcining line equipment, after calcined by the rotary kiln, the quick lime sequentially flows into vertical cooler which is lined of refractory materials, the cooler section is square shape, in which, it is distributed equably by the central cooling wind-cap and loculose cooling wind-cap, and the wind-cap equipped a pipe, which is connected with an external fan, in the bottom of the cooler, it is equipped discharge gates, and there is one set of motor vibrating unloader below each discharge gate, the material accumulated in the cooler and cover on the wind-cap with a certain thickness form of material,the cooling air is blowed from outside by the blower, through the air chamber into thewind-cap, and from the wind-cap, the cooling air meets the high temperature material and exchanges heat, so the cooled material is gradually discharged by the motor vibrating unloader, the heated air comes into rotary kiln directly from kiln hood and will be used to support burning as the second air.
Vertical cooler consists of steel construction shell, cool wind-cap, grate device, discharging device and other components.
The upper part of vertical cooler shell is coupled to the kiln hood, the inner part of vertical cooler shell is mainly built by the of low cement castable, its role is to protect the cooler shell, and keep heat preservation and heat insulation.
The role of vertical cooler cool wind-caps is largely reasonable to the cool air distribution to achieve the porpose of cooling kiln lime equably.
The role of vertical cooler grate device is to remove caking in the rotary kiln, the caking includes caking ring, caking peeling off the rotary kiln and the refractory materials shaked from rotary kiln when reconditioning or building the rotary kiln.
The role of vertical cooler discharge device is to feed the cooled material evenly to the belt, and by adjusting the amplitude with frequency conversion, to keep the material level of cooler and ensure the temperature of secondary air.

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