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Vertical Shaft Preheater

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Vertical shaft preheater is one of the main equipment in active lime production. And its main function is to send limestone from the upper part to the body of preheater. Making use of high-temperature exhaust gas (950℃--1100℃) discharged from the calcinations kiln to make heat exchange and the preheat the materials evenly into 900℃ in the preheater. After preheating there is 30% CaCO3 will decompose and then pushed into rotary kiln for burning by the hydraulic push rod .So such a calcinations process not only shorten the time of limestone burning in the kiln but also get a high degree of the active lime.Compared with ordinary perheater preheater of our Yuhong reduces the loss of line gas resistance and the power of smoke ventilator greatly. It saves the energy consumption. Besides it has the advantage of easy operation and maintenance simple masonry and reliable performance.


According to the place of preheater in rotary kiln system and negative pressure working principle of preheater. Heat emission is heat convective the material and air is convection movement. When the raw materials fed into the preheater under the negative pressure condition to prevent cold air into the preheater the inlet of raw materials must take effective seal. This is to ensure the effective use of heat and material preheating effect. The standard of preheating quality in the preheater is the feeding room’s temperature which is in the bottom of preheater. Kiln temperature is: detected by thermocouple in the side wall of feeding room including the flame radiation and air temperature. It reflects the firing temperature when feed into kiln but also the degree of feedback the final warm-up temperature of the material. To Preheater Truly reflects the effective temperature of the material is outlet temperature of the Preheater top. Temperature control on this point is more important than the end of the rotary kiln temperature control. Within preheater materials after preheating and pre-decomposition pushing out from Preheater to rotary kiln by hydraulic plunger device.
1. The upper feeding system: includes the upper hopper the next material possession the next feeding method and structure can guarantee to the pre-heater of the body feeding to achieve security when closed. So that the cold air from outside can not enter into the preheater and feeding can make use of valve rod to achieve continuous or intermittent feeding.
2. Preheater body: it is to ensure that material preheated to 900 degrees celsius of the most important part. It is by the warm room hanging devices and brick lining (which does not belong to the scope of design and manufacturing equipment) and other parts. That part of the structure of most of metal structures part of the material according to the need to use a heat-resistant steel heat-resistant steel to 1100 degrees celsius in 1000 to work under high temperatures. In addition the refractory bricks lining structure novel design sealing is good can guarantee the material in pre-heater evenly and achieve pre-heating temperature preheating.
3. Pusher devices: mainly rod framework and connecting rods and other parts of rod using heat-resistant steel casting or welded together can withstand high temperatures using electronic control and hydraulic systems can be by putting the various hydraulic automatic control program to achieve sequential pusher.
4. The hydraulic system: includes tanks pumps motors solenoid valves hydraulic tubing etc. his main role is to control the pusher device to push the completion of material movement.
5. Bottom feeding room: The main include slide tube feeding the main room feeding slip mouth and so on its main role is to import the materials after preheating rotary kiln calcination.
6. framework: It includes columns and ring beam and so on the main role is to carry The upper part of the structure.
Design ability 200 225 250 300 400 500 600 800
Rotary kiln specifications(m) Φ2.8x43 Φ3x50 Φ3.2x50 Φ3.3x55 Φ3.6x55 Φ3.8x58 Φ4x60 Φ4.3x60
Rake (%) 3.5 3.5 3.5 3 3 3 3 3
Inside surface area(m2) 320 390 430 490 542 570 667 725
Calcining varieties Active lime Active lime Active lime Active lime Active lime Active lime Active lime Active lime
Calcining temperature (°C) 1300 1300 1350 1350 1350 1350 1350 1350
Fuel Gas/ pulverized coal Gas/ pulverized coal Gas/ pulverized coal Gas/ pulverized coal Gas/ pulverized coal Gas/ pulverized coal Gas/ pulverized coal Gas/ pulverized coal
Burnup (Kj/Kg) 5500 5400 5400 5400 5300 5250 5200 5000
Preheater square square square square square square square square
Cooling device Vertical cooling Vertical cooling Vertical cooling Vertical cooling Vertical cooling Vertical cooling Vertical cooling Vertical cooling

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