Lime Production Line

Production Capacity: 50-600t/d
Specification of Rotary Kiln: Φ2.5x40m~Φ4.8x68m
The qualified limestone is store in the material cabin, elevated by the bucket elevator and sent to the material cabin on the top of the pre-heater, and the upper and lower level gage will control the feeding amount.

The Major Equipment of Lime Production Line:
Lime production line is composed of vertical preheater, rotary kiln, grate cooler, air treatment system, raw material conveyor system, finished product conveyor system, raw coal grinding system.

The Working Process of Lime Production Line:
Limestone is heated to around 900 degrees Celsius with the kiln fuel gas of 1150 degrees Celsius in preheater, then is pushed into the rotary kiln by the hydraulic push rod. the limestone is decomposed into CaO and CO2 in the rotary kiln calcining.
After the decomposition of limestone, be into the cooler.The quick lime CaO is cooled to 100 degrees Celsius in the cooler( the cool air is blowered by the cooler blower), then be discharged.
By the heat exchange, the hot air with 600 degrees Celsius is into the kiln, mixing coal gas and burning, with mixing the cool air, the exhaust gas is induced to the bag filter by the induced draft fan, then the exhaust gas goes into the chimney by the induced draft fan.
The quick lime CaO, discharged from cooler, conveying by vibrating feeder, bucket chain conveyor, bucket elevator, belt conveyor into the lime silos.
1. Raw Material Conveying.
2. Limestone Calcining.
3. Finished Product Conveying.
4. Gas Treating.

Vertical preheater, lime kiln and vertical cooler, is the introduction of advanced foreign technology development of active lime calcining equipment, active lime production line features:
1, advanced structure, vertical preheater improve preheating, the decomposition rate of limestone into the kiln preheated up to 20-25%, can be directly used 10-15mm fine grade limestone.
2, both ends of the rotary kiln with modular scales seal leakage coefficient is less than 10%, reduce radiant heat loss.
3, round or square vertical coolers, resorted lime cooler temperature of 800C + ambient temperature, easy to transport, storage, secondary air into the kiln can be preheated to 7000C or more to reduce the moving parts and special materials.

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